My name is Hana and I'm 13 and completely in love with the Beatles. It all started a few years ago when my parents were watching A Hard Day's Night on TV, and I was watching it with them. It was love at first sight. The four Liverpudlians were funny and CUTE and had great voices and music, and it was overwhelming. From that first moment on, I've kept on collecting Beatles things and info, and loved them every minute. Well, that's enough about that.

I competitively swim as my main sport, practice 6 days a week, and I've been doing it since I was 6. I started playing the slide trombone last year, and stuck with it. I love it. Besides, at college basketball games, trombones get first row seats-for free! I took up guitar a few months ago, and have been playing, if you can call it that, on and off throughout the summer. I'm not great, but I'm getting better. I also play tennis, but not very well. I'm just OK. I want to be getting some pics up soon because I love being seen and known about because I'm just one of those people. Well, tell me what you think about my page. I have spent soooooo long trying to figure out all this html stuff, and am still pretty confused but getting along ok. Oh yeah. Besides the Beatles, I am a 6o's worshipper. I have bellbottoms and peace and flower power and polyester and all that stuff.

I have a few (more like a billion) pen pals through e-mail, and some of them have real personalities and have become pretty good friends, even though I've never even met them. Here are some of them.


Jason's funny and funny and funny....He's pretty funny. Sometimes his jokes are kind of corny, but most of them are worth listening to. He's pretty sarcastic, too, but I can live with that because I'm sarcastic. Not much else to say, except he's funny.


Juliet is my only (so far) pen pal who loves the Beatles and the 6o's. She really nice and has a great sense of humor and writes pretty great poems. She's full of these great ideas. For my homepage, she thought of the Beatles pen pals part and some information on the bulletin board. I have to give her credit for it because they are good ideas.


Robert is funny and he's one of those understanding peple I can relate to. Not necessarily a Betales freak, but thinks the Fabs are pretty good. Unlike Jason...He's in a band who seem to be pretty good. I have a link to their homepage, it's called Blind Justice Homepage. He's nice and cool.


Amanda's really sweet and nice and funny. She's a great author, like Juliet, except in different way. Anway, she's always there, giving me a shoulder to lean on. If this wasn't a Beatles page I definitely pick her to be my advice columnist. A really cool person, also loves the Beatles.


I haven't had Chip as a pal for as long as the others, but he's really nice and has the PHATTEST site. It's Chip's Celebrity Home and E-mail Addresses, which I have a link to. He's been very helpful. If you want to find a celeb's e-mail or home addy, go to his page and sign the book!!

Well, that's all for now, folks!

Except, I've decided to give credit for all those people who have helped me figure this page out.

Juliet-for the great ideas

Robert-for helping me figure out what html is and actually starting my homepage and being a good teacher

Jason-?????????Well, I guess you could say he lifted my spirits making the page...sort of. Read what he wrote in my guestbook.

Chip-of Chip's Celebrity Home and E-mail Addresses, for giving me the addresses on my address page.

Thanks a lot, you guys!!!

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