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Every week, I will pick a Beatlefan who seems very dedicated and really loves the Fab Four. Please send in a less than 100 word essay stating why you love the Beatles and everything. No, there is no prize, but think how glad you'll be when you see your very own name posted on this terrific page!!!

This week, the winner is Amanda Porter. Congrats Amanda and plese one and all send in your contributions!
Ever since my father started with how great the Beatles wree when I was about 5 I have always loved them. The "artist style" in which they performed and their character is what I fell in love with. Even under all the pressure the Beatles had with all their screaming fans, concerts, and no time to themselves they still knew how to be comfortable and have a good time. Of course their music is awesome. It's all I listen to, really. The perfect beat of Paul and the skillfull lyrics of John. No other can compare the words "Living is easy with eyes closed" or "The girl with kaleidascope eyes". I mean what a genius! So I shall tribute the rest of my life to the Fab Four.