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Magical Mystery Tour. A nonsensical, hard-to-figure-out, funny, Beatles movie all the way. Including Ringo's fights with his OVERWEIGHT relative, a silly bus tour, and some crazy magicians, Paul thought of this movie while flying home from the US. This wasn't a professionally made movie. After Paul rented the bus, they just went off and filmed whatever they liked. Paul was the main director, but Ringo was by his side the whole time. All of the Beatles helped with the final editing. The film was released to 15 million viewers, but it turned out to be a big flop. Criticism bombarded the Fabs, saying "blantant rubbish," & "Beatles Bomb With Yule Film." It was released during the Chrismas holidays. Paul claimed that if the film had been shown in color, it would have made more sense to the viewers. They probably felt bad enough, without all of the bad comments, because they're friend and manager, Brian Epstein, had just commited suicide with an overdose of pills. Even after seeing it in color, I have to give MMT a **.