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Write me and tell me if you know of any Beatles events that aren't up here!!!

A new Beatles book is coming out! But it's not about the Beatles. Huh???? It's about us! The Beatles fans!!! The author is interviewing and studying the VERY special fans of the Fabs. She says if there are books are Elvis fans, why shouldn't there be books about Beatles fans? After all, the Beatles really were more popular. That's my opinion anyway. But I'm sure you agree with me. Not sure yet when it'll come out. It's just in the makings.
Ringo Starr (aka Richard Starkey) may be touring soon! Soon as in this summer. Nothing is definite yet.
Ringo and many former All Starr Band members are holding a "Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp" starting in February. If you want more info, check out
Paul is working on a new album (to come out this spring) and may be touring!
George is working on a new album, no tour schedules planned.