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Here are some clues to support the rumor that was going around in the 60's. As far as I know, the one and only James Paul McCartney is alive and well. The things in parenthesis are my notes.

1. On the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the word "Beatles" is spelled out in flowers on a grave. Amid the grave are yellow flowers shaped like a guitar. From a distance, the flowers appear to spell out "PAUL?"

2. On the same cover, it appears that the small dall in the green dress is looking at a toy car plummeting in flames, which is supposedly the way Paul died.

3. On the back cover of Sgt. Pepper's, Paul's back is turned to the camera, again signifying that he dosn't fit in. (Really, Paul was on vaction at that time, so Beatles roadie Mal Evans stood in for him)

4. On the back cover of Sgt. Pepper's, George is pointing at the lyrics "Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock", the supposed time of Paul's death.

5. If you hold a mirror horizontally across the words "Lonely Hearts" on the bass drum on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's, with the reflective part of the mirror pointing away from you, the letterrs in both the mirror and the album spell out "1 ONE 1 X= He/Die". The /points at Paul. One and One and One is 3? Paul has been crossed out?

6. The words "dying to take you away" are sung in "Magical Mystery Tour"

7. Inside the booklet accompanying MMT, "I am the Walrus" is subtitled "No you're not, said Little Nicola". The song fades to a death scene from Shakespeare's King Lear.

8. Paul was the walrus in MMT. In some cultures, the walrus symbolizes death.

9. Inside the booklet accompanying MMT, there is a picture, using a wide-angle lens, showinf people/beatles dining. If you turn the picture 90 degrees to the right and stare at a distance, the beret of the diner nearest the camera appears to be the left eye socket of a skull, which can be made out. The picture was deliberately planted; it is the only photo in the book not from the film.

10. Inside the booklet accompanying MMT, on the picture showing the Beatles playing, Ringo's bass drum has a small "3" on it. Only 3 Beatles?

11. At the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever," Lennon can be heard saying what sounds very much like "I buried Paul." Lennon claimed that the Beatles would often say wild a crazy things while in the studio, and that he was really saying "cranberry sauce."

12. On the cover of MMT, the letters are written in stars. If you turn the album upside down, the letters reveal a phone number that some say you could call to find out the details of Paul's death. A Midwest Beatles fan who phoned this number in 1969 says a gruff voice answered with "You're getting closer..."

13. Inside the booklet accompanying MMT, there is a pictue of Paul sitting behind a desk at which there is a nameplate that reads "I was."

14. "In the Your Mother Should Know" sequence of MMT movie, Paul wears a black carnation, the others wear white. Paul explained they ran out of white carnations.

15. At the end of the MMT photo book, there is a picture of the Beatles interpersed with shots of many other people. There is a hand directly over Paul's head.

16. On the cover of Abbey Road, Paul is barefooted [corpses are said to be buried without shoes] and out of step with the other Beatles. His eyes appear to be closed. He is also smoking. John, all in white, is the preacher; Ringo, in all black, is the undertaker; George, in all denim, is the gravedigger. There is also a Volkswagen with the license number "28 IF", symbolizing that Paul would have been 28 IF he had lived. [although he really would've been 27, some eastern religions count time in the womb towards your age]

17. On the bakc cover, right after the words Abbey Road, a skull like drawing can be discerned.

18. In "Come Together," Lennon sings "One and one and one is three." 3 Beatles. What about Paul?

19. On the cover of Yesterday...and Today, Paul sits in a trunk. Turn it sideways and he seems to be in a coffin.

20. On the cover of Revolver, Paul is turned to the side, as if he doesn't really fit in.

21. Revolver contains numerous references to death.

22. On Sgt Peppers, a hand is being held directly over Paul's head, symbolizing death.

23. On the inside cover of it, Paul wears a black patch that says "OPD", which is a Canadian acronym for Officially Pronounced Dead. (The patch was really a gift from a Canadian police officer, from the Ontario Police Department)

24. "A Day In The Life," contains the line "he blew his mind out in a car," which is supposedly the manner in which Paul died.

25. Between the end of "I'm So Tired" and the beginning of "Blackbird" on the White Album, John utters some nonsense syllables. Played backwards, they play [approximately] Paul is dead, miss him, miss him!

26. While George is wailing away at the end of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", he seems to say "Paul, paul!"

27. "Don't Pass Me By" contains the line "you were in a car crash."

28. There is a picture of Paul's bloody head in a bath, which is what he may have looked like after the crash.

Though some of these clues may seem true and deliberate, Paul is alive.