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Do you know as much as you think you do???

Here are some Beatles trivia questions. Send your answers along with your name and age (e-mail is optional) to me with trivia in the subject box. I'll have them checked as soon as I can, which might be a week or two, so be patient and bear with me. If you are one of those lucky top ten, I'll post your name and score on the page. Please don't enter more than once per month. BEWARE!!! You may go in thinking that you know everything, and come out feeling quite dumb. Here's a hint. If you go to the main page and check out some other pages of mine, you may find some answers. Watching the Beatles Anothology on TV will help, too. I give extra credit to answers I like. I don't like long answers. And don't bother cheating because I can tell if you are or not and I'll publicly announce it. There are 2 trick questions. Proceed carefully. Let's get on with the show!!!

1. Who introduced Paul McCartney to John Lennon?

2. What was the name of the first band featuring both Paul and John?

3. Who produced the first Beatle record?

4. Who was the Beatles first manager?

5. Who did Ringo replace in the original Beatles?

6. What was the Beatles first #1 song in Great Britain?

7. Paul wrote an introduction for which of John's books?

8. The Beatles had the top 5 singles in the US during the week of April 4, 1964. Name them and the position each held.

9. After 14 straight weeks at #1, which artist displaced the Beatles at the top of the charts on May 9, 1964?

10. Lennon/McCartney wrote a #1 song for another group in 1964. Name the song and the group.

11. What was the working title of A HARD DAY'S NIGHT?

12. One song written specifically for A HARD DAY'S NIGHT was dropped at the last minute. Name that song.

13. What do Jimmy Nichol, Thomas Moore, and Johnny Hutchinson have in common?

14. What was the first single released from HELP!?

15. What was the original title of HELP!?

16. What was the name of the western novel the Beatles nearly filmed?

17. To whom did John Lennon make his infamous remarks about Christianity? Where were they first published in the US?

18. Where was the last Beatles concert held? On what date?

19. What was the original title of Revolver?

20. John's Tomorrow Never Knows had 2 previous title's. Name them.

21. Name the first 2 songs written for SGT. PEPPER'S.

22. The back cover of SGT. PEPPER'S has someone facing backwards. Who is it?

23. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR's Flying is significant for what reason?

24. Who was the walrus?

25. Who was Sexy Sadie?

26. Who is Dear Prudence?

27. Which WHITE ALBUM song features Eric Clapton?

28. Which song did George co-write with Eric Clapton on the Cream GOODBYE album?

29. What name did George adoopt for the credits on the GOODBYE album?

30. What film starring Hayley Mills did Paul write the score for?

31. Which actor appeared in A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, HELP!, and MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR?

32. From 1963 until 1967 every Beatles' single released in Great Britain went to #1. Which song broke that streak?

33. Who played drums in The Ballad Of John and Yoko?

34. Which now-famous artists was one of the first singers signed to Apple Records?

35. Who managed the Beatles after Brian Epstein?

36. Who did Paul want to manage the Beatles?

37. Which Beatle first quit the group?

38. What was the last Beatles album recorded?

39. Who produced the LET IT BE sessions?

40. What was the last original Beatles single released?


Why are there 40 questions in this trivia quiz?